Monday, April 7, 2008


You have probably heard of transcription before. Medical transcription gets a lot of attention, but there are some other types of transcription as well. One of it, which also shows a large demand in the Business Process Outsourcing industry (BPO), is the Business Transcription.

Transcription services are required in almost every area of the business spectrum. The very need to put the spoken word into text automatically creates demand for Business Transcription. Too much of transcription work in corporate world can put undue load on the existing staff and so companies outsource them to business transcriptionists. Realizing this, more and more companies are now going for transferring their transcription work to a different company. This can be cheap too if the company goes for outsourced business transcription services.

To get transcription work outsourced, the company records their meetings, seminars or conventions. This is then uploaded to a specified location from where the transcription company can download it to start off with the transcription work. Transcription companies accept audio files in various formats. MS Word or any other text processing software is used for creating transcripts. These transcripts would then be sent via email or simply uploaded to the location from where the company can have it.

Outsourced business transcription companies hire employees that need not be in sync with the rules and regulations of the country from where their clients send them recordings. However, many transcription tasks include understanding data and transcribing accordingly. Also, American accents and terms may be hard to follow for home grown transcriptionists. To avoid such problems, a Filipino transcriptionist should at least be exposed in a comprehensive training program for Business Transcriptions to familiarize themselves with business terms and develop their listening skills. They should be exposed in different files that can have American accent, Asian accent or even European accent. This ensures the best rates with no compromise on quality. MTC Academy Davao is now offering its course in Business Transcription. You can call them at 222-6822 for any inquiries.


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