Saturday, April 12, 2008

RP Needs 32,000 Medical Transcriptionist

On the Philippine Daily Inquirer last April 9, 2008, it was posted that the country's medical transcription industry has to boost its workforce three times in order to increase its share of the total offshore market valued at around $18 billion.

According to (MTIAPI)-Medical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines, local companies have missed out on lucrative contracts from US outsourcers due to a lack of capacity. The demand of medical transcriptionist has to be tripled than that of the current workforce which is around 10,000. Ms. Myla Rose Reyes, president of MTIAPI mentioned that the country must have around 32,000 medical transcriptionists by 2010 so it could adequately address the demand. As a result, MTIAPI is focusing on the development of a bigger pool of qualified transcriptionists to meet up the fast turnaround requirements of large foreign customers. They are now developing related skills training and certification programs with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPA/P), and the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (COCOPEA).

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