Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Medical Coding And Billing Aids The Healthcare Industry

We all know that the US is a truly litigious society, and to see people file lawsuits of all sorts and types against individuals, organizations or institutions is a common occurrence. With this backdrop, it’s vital for medical practitioners and healthcare providers to constantly maintain a sharp eye towards correct and accurate medical billing and coding. This field is considered as the new backbone of the current healthcare system, and with better-trained medical billers and coders, the healthcare provider should also be a much better and more responsible one. And this does not apply only to the countries like US, or Europe. It is actually mandated by Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth).

Read Circular No. 4, s-2001

What’s With This Job?

Basically, this tough but rewarding jobs main tasks include assigning proper medical billing and coding documentation per case, and then submitting this to the corresponding insurance company and/or federal agency. The goal of proper medical coding and billing, , is for the healthcare provider to be reimbursed correctly. However, there is another extremely vital aspect that the medical billing expert needs to achieve, and that is to avoid the risk of fraud.

Other Aspects Of Medical Coding

The highly- specialized nature of this job such aspects such as administration, bookkeeping, accurate completion of claim forms, prompt dispatchment of insurance billing, detailed understanding of health insurance, patient accounts representation, and appointment scheduling. It is therefore important to understand the importance and highly-skilled nature of this job, and why these healthcare workers are known to generally get good-paying wages working in a private doctor or dentist’s office, hospital, HMO, nursing home, pharmacy and other health-related organizations. These individuals could even work from home too. In addition, this segment of the health technician profession is also considered to be among the ten fastest-growing jobs in the entire spectrum of the combined health occupation field.

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