Monday, April 14, 2008

Mindanao Transcription Players Meet With MTIAPI President Myla Reyes

MTIAPI and Mindanao's transcription education and service organizations in a round table discussion of challenges and opportunities last April 11, 2008 at MEDCo offices

Mindanao’s transcription players welcomed MTIAPI president, Myla Reyes and Executive Director, Raymund Eruma in a first-ever Mindanao-wide effort to gather issues and challenges faced by both medical transcription educational organizations and service organizations. Representatives from the cities of Butuan, Davao, General Santos, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro and Tacurong listened intently as Ms. Reyes presented key industry trends and developments. The optimistic forecast of growth for the transcription industry provided hope for Mindanao’s SMITEs who seek to become competitive players in the global arena.

“MTIAPI hopes to establish stronger branding, front-end awareness, and linkages with relevant international associations, as well as find partners and open up more business opportunities for our local MT companies. Furthermore, the Philippines is heavily promoting its medical transcription capabilities to the United States in a bid to raise its market share,” according to Myla Rose Mundo-Reyes, president of the Medical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines (MTIAPI).

It was heartening to note that TADI (Transcription Alliance of Davao, Inc) shares MTIAPI’s desire to strengthen the advocacy for uplifting the quality and image of the MT career professional. Noteworthy suggestions also came from Cagayan de Oro to create forums where career professionals can generate leads and exchange best practices. Ms. Reyes cautioned though that any participant to these fora must practice responsible communication as perceptions of our foreign counterparts are strongly influenced by these exchanges. A majority of the players believed that the MT education platform must include values formation and other soft skills building programs.

With the growing shortage of medical transcription personnel in the US coupled with the increasing older population of Americans, the consistent offshore capabilities of the Philippines can propel us to become a dominant player in the future. And as the cost of doing business becomes more attractive in the provincial hubs, it makes more sense to explore the capabilities of Mindanao’s transcription sector.

(Published with permission from TADI President)

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