Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Musing of a Customer Service Officer

Hi! I’m Hunee. I sell people to the idea of exploring a career in transcription and the benefits that can be had from being a transcriptionist. While I am just on my way to completing a finishing program on medical transcription, the thought that I am not yet a career practitioner myself doesn’t make me less effective on the job.

Everyday I wake up asking myself how I can effectively get the message across to you, my target audience. The whys and the hows would resound in my head as I mull over ways to get you interested and what would get you to dedicate some minutes of your precious time listening to a career orientation. It’s all about putting myself in your shoes and asking myself those same questions any potential student would pose.

I am responsible for creating the noise and the buzz for people to be aware of new things in our neighborhood. The fact that it is such a new industry makes it doubly hard. The buzz I create is not based on flimsy, run of the mill type. I research and draw from facts, trends and developments in the industry. I avoid over-promising and I never try to sell a beautiful made-up dream that will never see reality.

It’s not easy. For that matter, no job is ever to be taken lightly especially if it entails having to convince people and influence their decisions and choices. I dedicate a lot of time studying, researching, rehearsing and making that extra effort to tell YOU, my customers that the opportunities in this sector of business process outsourcing is HUGE. And only those who persevere will reap the greatest rewards of this sunrise industry.

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