Thursday, May 15, 2008

Davao’s Transcription Sector Growing Stronger

Is the transcription opportunity a myth or reality? How many times have we heard doubts and anxieties expressed on whether the opportunities in this sector will still be around in the next few years? Will it go the way of other technical/vocational careers that promised jobs, only to find out that there is little available. And if there was an opening, it would cost an arm and a leg to cough up the placement fees.

Study the market potential, analyze the trends, look up projections, visit BPO websites and chat forums and you will learn that this is no MYTH! A healthy and robust growth is projected for the medical transcription industry. The target market share of the Philippines for 2008 is at US $110 Million. We need no less than 50,000 MT trained to meet the projected revenues. The transcription sector is seeing a huge growth potential not only in medical but other transcription specialty areas – general, business, legal, accounting, etc.

Davao’s transcription sector has grown from only 4 companies operating in 2006 to about 10 companies offering transcription service locally and globally. The transcription sector includes independent contractors or sole proprietors that serve clients directly or through a sub-contract agreement.

With increasing interest from Cebu and Manila to tap Davao for its human resource requirement, coupled with the continued implementation of the PGMA scholarship program, a definite upswing is seen in the demand for qualified and trained transcriptionists. Davaoenos are invited to join in the upcoming BPO HR Forum on June 11-13, 2008 and listen to leading companies talk about career opportunities in the transcription sector.

Written by: Wit Holganza - President of Transcription Alliance of Davao, Inc. (TADI)

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ainie said...

are you open for training for medical transciptionist in your company? if so, when and how much? thank you..

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