Monday, May 19, 2008

Medical Transcriptionist

I bet working at the comforts of your home is one thing you've been dreaming of. Many years back, this wasn’t possible, right? But nowadays, it is doable to have a flourishing career and at the same time enjoy lots of time for family life.

Rewarding careers is just a click away. With a few encoding capabilities and some writing prowess, you’re on your way to making a huge bucks while improving relationships with your loved ones.

I'm sure you've heard of Medical Transcription. The magical tasks of documenting enormous amount of medical records has come to the Philippine shores. Just like the contact call center, MT is considered a sunshine industry sector of the larger business process outsourcing.

There is a huge demand for MTs. The jobs created by this industry can contribute to poverty alleviation by providing employment to a large number of the workforce. Thanks to outsourcing, now everyone has a chance to achieve their dream without leaving the country.

The Medical Transcription business never forsakes quality for quantity. The Filipino MT is starting to get recognition for their commitment to accuracy. We have the determination and perseverance to become world-class professionals. Many of us have invested in getting ourselves quality MT training and familiarizing ourselves with the technology associated with our line of work. We scrutinize the curriculum of MT training schools to see to it that we get well-rounded and comprehensive medical transcription training which instill the value of quality customer support and commitment to turnaround time.

Several options are open for those interested. There are business/trade school classes, distance learning classes (home study courses), training in house with MT service companies, and possibly, learning it on your own. But learning it with the industry's best will surely do the trick. It's about time to make that crucial decision. Let's be READY for the next biggest thing to happen in this country. Start building your career …..Be a Medical Transcriptionist!


medical transcriptionist said...

One of the reasons why a lot of people likes this jobs is indeed it's option to work at home. Not all people have the liberty to leave home for work due to possible reasons such as medical problems or family.

PMS Relief said...

The advantage to the transcriptionist would be that there would be less typing actually required and should allow them to work more efficiently. Again, I will take the opportunity to tell prospective MT students to beware of the schools that advertise they can make big bucks while working at home.

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