Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MTC Experience

MTC Academy experience of
CaRoL SiMoN, 4th Year Marketing student
of Ateneo De Davao University.

I had my OJT at MTC Academy. At first, I didn’t have any idea of what it is that I would be doing there. I was tasked with marketing, so I figured that this would help me improve my marketing strategies and at the same time help people know what MTC Academy really is.

I was really having a hard time adjusting to the quota that I had to meet (to think that I was alone and my partner was pulled-out plus my other classmates’ assignments were SO easy. Clerical jobs!). Because of these things, I almost backed-out from finishing my OJT. I took this chance as an opportunity to improve myself; I took it as a training ground for my real job when I finish my studies.

I challenged myself to finish the OJT and surpass it with my best efforts. Everything we go through is a challenge; no matter how simple or hard it is, we just need to decide. So I decided and challenged myself. I saw it as a stepping stone for my future career. I was sure that this experience will surely prepare me in my future career. I know that each challenge that I encounter in my life must be surpassed and I know that with perseverance and discipline, I will be able to surpass them.

Everyone at MTC is expected to multitask, my experience there made me discover that I am excellent in doing it. I learned that adapting to a task will surely make you learn and grow both emotionally and psychologically. The marketing department of MTC Academy has the heaviest load compared to the other departments. They needed to think of marketing strategies to make MTC known to more people. This gave me hands-on training that added to my knowledge in marketing. I found out that when compared to application of marketing, theories are easy.

One of the important things that I learned is that if you are determined to do the job that is assigned to you and willing to be trained, you won’t have a problem. As a trainee, it is very important to have an open mind. Willingness to learn gave me the hunger for learning and thus, excitement in the job that I do.

My short stay with MTC made me realize that learning is a continuous process. What I had experienced will help me become responsible in the job that I will do. The company treated me as one of their employees, the employees didn’t give me special treatment, which made me mature. The speaking in English policy or I call it “New York City in Philippines” helped me boost my confidence in speaking in English since I was immersed in an English-speaking environment. As an OJT, the company trusted me with their data and they also assigned me to do their regular reports such as weekly marketing report and monthly marketing report. They also trained me in career orientation stimulation. They treated me maturely and my acceptance of the job helped me learn new things and gave me decision making responsibility.

My on-the-job training with MTC Academy made me mature and taught me responsibility. Not only that, but I also learned that working can be fun at the same time.

Thank You MTCA for the unforgettable experience you have shared to my life.

Jeziel Estrella
My Experience

One of the important parts of my life is working here at MTC Academy. It gave me a glimpse of what is waiting for me after I graduate. They say that life in a working environment is very hard compared in school. I think it wasn’t all that bad or I'm just saying this because I'm a trainee. But sometimes it is difficult. There are times when I am tasked to do a lot of things at the same time. It was fun, and educational. I had a hard time at first, but once I got a little accustomed to things, it wasn't so bad. Some of the work I've done helped me understand things that are taught in school.

I like working here at MTC Academy. I like the environment, the kind of business it is, the parties, especially the parties! I also like the people here. They're all so nice and friendly. It's like one big happy family.

I experienced doing some journal writing, which was very tiring. And I did some filing of bank deposits. I learned how they are handled and why it is important to file them. I also experienced working on different kinds of vouchers and their uses. I did some encoding too. I experienced answering phone calls. I freaked out at first, but now I just stutter. Sometimes.

Working here at MTC Academy prepared me for things to come after I graduate. It helped me become ready to face challenges ahead of me. It helped me in discovering my purposes in life.

Vernice Ria G. Calderon
“My MTC Experience”

When I knew that I am going to have my OJT at MTC Academy, the first thing that came to mind was “How is medical transcription related with management accounting?” But when I started training with MTC, I realized that I was luckier than those who were assigned in banks. My classmates told me that they were only given clerical works. They even felt disappointed because they weren’t able to apply what they learned in school. At MTC, I am not only treated as a trainee but as a real employee. I am given tasks that are truly connected with accounting. MTC entrusted me with information not usually disclosed in other companies. I was not only assigned to file records but I was also given tasks like posting entries in the ledger, issuing deposit slips and issuing purchase requisition slips. I also appreciate that the company exposed me with a marketing job. For instance, I was trained how to deal and entertain queries from clients.

When I was trained to orient regarding medical transcription and about MTC Academy, I gained more confidence because my oral communication skill was enhanced. Before, I was hesitant whether I will thrive to this kind of work environment which is more on oral communication. My learning in school was not parallel to the exposure that I am given at MTC Academy. I was used to just compute and analyze data. But now I am a bit shocked that I have to interact with different kinds of people. At first, I doubted myself on how would I convince other people to believe what I am saying and look credible. But with the encouragement of my co-workers and with their training, I was able to overcome my doubts and fears.

Another policy that I find really helpful in MTC is their English speaking rule. I am now more comfortable in conversing in English unlike before when I felt awkward in using the language. But the most important experience that I had is that through my stay in the company, I had a glimpse of what the real world is, outside the four corners of my classroom. Moreover, one of the factors that made my experience at MTC memorable was to be able to meet my co-workers. I felt that I was part of their family. I never felt that I was out of place. There were very welcoming and approachable. Truly, I did not only gain more knowledge about the real experience of having a job but I also gained new friends.

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