Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Start your Medical Transcription Career NOW with MTC’s 16-week Program

Davao City’s transcription companies continue to enjoy increasing demand for medical transcriptions from global clients and transcription partners for data documentation and audio files conversion despite the US recession. In the last 4 months of 2008, MTC Academy in Davao City has received a succession of requests from its local partners for trained transcribers from its roster of graduates to fill the manpower requirements of transcription companies ramping up their production to meet increasing demand.

The more adept MTC students found themselves hired even before graduation from MT programs. An increasing number of graduates also found themselves hired within 1-2 weeks from graduation. Others have passed employer interviews and are simply completing their on-the-job training prior to be able to start work. This employment trend is projected to continue through 2009 as the demand for medical transcription increase and MTs begin to multi-task as a business or legal transcriptionists.

To meet this surge for human resource, MTC Academy at E. Quirino Avenue (082-222682) has given much effort to curriculum innovation and is set to launch program tracks that build transcription skills at the intermediate and advance levels for General, Legal and Medical transcriptions. The tracks are so designed to enable a beginner-student to primarily build basic skill sets such a keyboarding, computer operations, listening for accents, English proficiency and familiarity with transcription technology at the BASIC or pre-requisite level prior to gaining entry to the intermediate or advance levels.

Using the revolving curriculum for most of its programs allowing classes to start every month, MTC Academy has also restructured its MT program costs thus enhancing the value for money for all of its courses. This innovation has brought about a reduction in tuition fees ranging from 30-40% it medical transcription program.


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