Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Be an accomplished Business Transcriber or Virtual Secretary in 3 weeks

Every company that is registered with the stock market has to stick to the condition of conducting quarterly meetings of their businesses thereby updating their investors on their level of business performance. As these meetings move ahead, a coordinator has to capture the meeting, store it in the form of an audio file, and get it converted to text by a transcriptionist. The transcriptionist listens to the audio file, modifies it to text and sends it back to the customer in text format.

Business transcription is all about transforming a recorded audio file into a verbatim transcript for companies across industrial domains. Global business owners want to focus their energies on their primary business and not on routine tasks of documenting, filing, mailing correspondences and other forms of administrative work. The demand for low cost administrative assistance by many start-up companies looking to save on overhead has evolved the business transcription service to expand and now include virtual secretarial duties (aka virtual assistants-VA) as they increasingly serve to fulfill other office administrative duties without the need for a physical presence in the employer’s home country.

With the availability of high-speed satellite links, it is now entirely possible to provide this service from the Philippines to a client-employer across the globe. The best part about a career in business transcription is that the training required to become a competent BT or VA takes only 3 weeks provided the student-applicant possess basic entry-level skills to gain admission into MTC’s General Transcription 1 (GT1) program. But even without the basic entry level skill, pre-requisite courses that include touch typing, computer operations, listening for accents, English proficiency and familiarity with transcription technology are now available.

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