Tuesday, July 28, 2009

“Good job, Jenifer”, says PGMA to the SONA Honoree from Davao City.

Amidst the thunderous applause that resonated in the Batasan, jubilant over the accomplishments of President Gloria Macapagal during the 9th State of the Nation Address for the 3rd Regular Session of the 14th Congress, it could not be discounted that there too were many exchanged sarcasms.

But what is resounding to the world of Medical Transcriptionists and Davaoeños, if not the entire nation in general is the name “Jenifer Silbor.” Just exactly who is Jennifer Silbor, the SONA Honoree mentioned by GMA? If FVR has Mang Pandoy, is Jenifer Silbor his counterpart? Is her success story a laurel to one of the many PGMA projects?

Jenifer Aileen B. Silbor was among the SONA Honorees invited by the President through the Presidential Management Staff and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). But to us, she is more than what was presented last July 27. She is an MTC AcademyDavao alumni, a recipient of the PGS scholarship program under TESDA. She graduated last November 2008 and because of her exemplary performance, she was then immediately accepted in December 2008 as a home-based medical transcriptionist for MTC Academy – Davao’s sister company, ZipIT Solutions Inc. . Further was hired as a medical transcription mentor for MTC Academy-Davao.

The honor, the accomplishment, the financial independence gained marked the many facets of who Jenifer Silbor is. Dedication, hard work, determination and perseverance were attributes that Jeni possessed…traits that earned her a place not only for her family, her workplace but the entire country as well.

A feat that any diligent, spiritually driven and emotionally motivated Filipino can achieve.

"In technical education and skills training, we have invested three times that of three previous administrations combined. Narito si Jennifer Silbor, isa sa sampung milyong trainee. Natuto siya ng medical transcription. Now, as an independent contractor and lecturer for transcriptions in Davao, kumikita siya ng P18,000 bawat buwan. Good job, Jennifer. "-PGMA (SONA 2009)

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