Saturday, April 4, 2009

RN na, transcriber pa!

Until several months ago, I was part of the 2.7 million jobless Filipinos and nursing graduates who are still financially dependent on their parents and generous relatives.

My friends had expressed keen interest in it so I went along, took the exam and fortunately, passed the assessment. I attended a FREE Career Orientation in December of 2008. Listening to the presentation, I was amazed at the multitude of opportunities to both the physically competent as well as the physically impaired. Who knew that this simple “go-with-the-flow” attitude would lead me to become part of a transcription team called ZipIT Solutions after less than 2 months of training.

My nursing background was a distinct advantage and well into the MT program, I realized that I can get updated with the new medical practices in the US, enhance my English proficiency and familiarity with foreign accents and familiarize myself with US drug terms skills that are essential to my dream of working abroad.

Having finished the MT program, I have now become a home-based, independent contractor. And that's an entirely different experience……I get to “go to work” without having to worry about what to wear, what perfume to put on, how to style my hair and worry about jeepney/taxi fare. I am now on my way to financial independence while working consistently on giving quality service through nearly perfect files submitted on time, all the time.

I definitely feel that I have the distinct advantage over others as the MT skills that I now possessed have further enhanced my overall capability to be a competent member of the health management industry both here and in the US.

Scott Philip Carmen

Registered Nurse

San Pedro College

Medical Transcriptionist

ZipIT Solutions, Inc.

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