Monday, November 17, 2008


Several transcription companies in Davao have started to offer services transcribing legal dictations or records in the form of oral arguments and trial cases primarily for US clients. With the economic downturn in the US, there is increased interest to outsource work to destinations that can offer lower cost while providing quality work such as the Philippines.

Legal transcription has come into the public view recently being recognized for its efficient and professional influence on legal records and is steadily becoming a popular trend in the legal field.

Almost everything that takes place in the civil and criminal court systems requires hard copy documentation. The information is either dictated or recorded in the courtroom or at deposition hearings, as well as in law offices. The dictations often take the form of testimonies, pleadings, interrogatories (questions and answers), reviews of administrative hearings and the like. The process used for operations is the same as that in the medical transcription industry.

The main users of these services are attorneys and law firms, courts, public defenders' and prosecutors' offices, public utility companies, publicly funded legal service projects and community legal service programs. The other users would be corporate legal departments, insurance companies, financial institutions, real estate and title agencies, state and federal government agencies.

Legal transcriptionists may become so proficient that they can actually undertake paralegal duties working directly for lawyers, court reporters, law offices, transcribing service companies and other transcription service contractors/providers.

Those looking to develop their career in legal transcription should have a solid understanding of legal terminology. They should have impeccable grammar and a good command of the English language. A competency for medical transcription helps those who desire to switch to legal transcription because of their familiarity with the transcription technology.

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