Friday, October 17, 2008

Cross the River and Learn How to Swim

As the famous song from the known band AMERICA says "Don't cross the river if you can't swim the tide". I am to believe that this notion is always the best thing to do in every situation where you are stuck to the point of having hesitations in doing something because you don't know how to get around it.

When I started working in MTC Academy Davao, I had this feeling of anxiety since I know I will be asked to do things which I was not exposed to in the past. Considering that my experiences in the past are mostly in the hardware implementations and setups, still I pursued and faced it. I only had little idea on how to setup a medical transcription training center, most especially a medical transcription production facility.

When I did the network hardware setup of the school, I did not have that much difficulty in doing it since most of the implementations on the hardware area I am quite familiar and also I was provided with training from the central office. The only thing that is challenging is the implementation of the student's learning systems which require tremendous configurations. It took me more than a month to familiarize myself to that system and make it run stable. I just kept on experimenting, testing, researching and asking other IT people from other branches. Unlike in the setup of the production facility which is more challenging to do and must be in compliance to a law, had completely I am way far from the beginning of it. The most gruesome thing is I had to do it alone.

The setup of the production facility took me sometime to finish and make it running since it's a very complicated thing to setup for me because I did not have prior idea on how to do it. One important thing that drives me in order to successfully complete the setup of the facility is my instinct. What I did was I just kept on reading related articles, researching on the internet, ITs asking other IT experts opinions, and kept on testing by trial and error. Finally I was able to make it run in a standardized way that is compliant to the binding law. The internet is a vast collection of knowledge where you can gain ideas in making things done. One important thing that drives me in order to successfully complete the setup of the facility is my instinct.

Jonathan O. Lobo

IT Assistant

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