Friday, June 6, 2008

I Can Be A Medical Transcriptionist

Being a medical transcriptionist is not easy. It is not enough for someone to just have good listening skills and computer skills. You must also have a comprehensive knowledge on medical terminologies and language skills to become a transcriptionist. Medical transcriptionists must also develop their typing speed to be able to transcribe medical dictations as fast as possible but still ensuring high quality of work. One must also be hardworking and determined to excel in this profession. Patience is also very important. Aside from that, medical transcriptionists also face a lot of responsibilities. They are also responsible in ensuring that the patients' data and other confidential informations about the patients are kept in private as governed by HIPAA (Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act).

Before I studied medical transcription, I really didn't have any idea that it would take a lot of patience, hardwork, and determination to become one. When I heard about it on the radio, watched documentaries about it on TV, and read articles regarding medical transcription on newspapers, it seemed like a very easy and simple job. And then, when I decided to study medical transcription, I discovered that I was completely wrong. It is not that easy at all. But I said to myself, "I can do it." I know I can finish this course if I just study hard and do my best.

In reality, becoming a medical transcriptionist is not a thing that could be done overnight. It really takes a lot of effort, patience, hardwork, and determination. I am still a neophyte in this field; I have just started working several months ago. I have yet to further develop my skills and learn a lot of things.

I enjoy my work now. I discover and learn many things everyday. I become more patient, my typing skills improved, and my listening skills are much better than before. I am a more responsible person now. To those of you who are aspiring to be a medical transcriptionist, your good listening skills, typing skills, comprehensive knowledge on medical terms, and language skills together with your patience, hardwork, and sense of responsibility will help you go a long way in this profession. And most of all, love what you do; it definitely helps!

Written by: Pinky Verdon
Nursing Undergrad

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