Thursday, June 7, 2007

Medical Transcription "CAREER AND JOB FAIR"

The first Medical Transcription "Career and Job Fair" event will happen on June 16, 2007, Saturday. All experienced and graduates of medical transcription are invited to come and join the said affair. The good thing about the affair is that even a NON-MT (not a medical transcriptionist) can apply. Medical Transcription is not only for those who have medical backgrounds but also to those who has no medical background but would like to become a MT.

On the said affair, the owner and HR Manager of Transkripsyo, Inc., a Manila-based medical transcription company, will be here to talk about how it started in Manila and the demand in medical transcription.

TRANSKRIPSYO is a well-established, pioneering and leading transcription provider in the Philippines. Our strong commitment and dedication in providing the most cost effective and highest level of transcription service to the most discriminating medical, commercial and corporate clients has enabled us to deliver superior value, reliability and innovation that has become synonymous to our name and our clients worldwide.

TRANSKRIPSYO has built its credibility as the premier transcription provider in the country through years of delivering excellent quality work and swift turn around time to our clients. Situated in the country’s business district, the company utilizes state of the art equipment and technology, and employs only the most qualified Transcriptionists and Editors that are available in the industry.

TRANSKRIPSYO, as one of the pioneers in the industry, co-founded the Medical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MTIAPI) and is an incumbent director and officer of the Association.

Join the said affair and witness the unveiling of the new industry in Davao.
Medical Transcription "CAREER AND JOB FAIR", June 16, 2007, Saturday at MTC Academy Davao, E. Quirino St., Davao City. Call 222-6822 and look for Hunee or Michelle for more details.


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Sounds good. A job fair for this industry can definitely give a lot of people a chance to earn with this career choice and do it at the comfort of their own homes - this is what attracted a lot of people to be in the field actually (wanting to earn good and decent money without having to leave home since they have responsibilities or special reasons why they can't do so)

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